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Title: Untitled

Rating: PG-13 

Warnings: Character Death

Author Notes: I wrote a little thing that had been bouncing around in mind about what if Serenity had died in the Silver Millenium war but the war had been won, and it explores how Venus would feel to have failed her duty as Leader.



Venus didn't recognize her own words coming from her lips. When did she start to sound so weary? She climbed the ruined stairs to the altar, painfully gripping the hilt of the Holy Sword to her chest.


Each stair was a painful revelation as she got closer and closer to the still form at the top. She should have been beside her. She should have been protecting her instead of Endymion. She shouldn't have been distracted with Kunzite. Her mission is and always had been clear. Take care of the crown Princess. She hadn't done it. For one moment she hadn't done her duty and the Princess slipped through her fingers.


It must have been part of their plan. Kunzite mocked and jeered her to distract her in the middle of battle. They were all distracted and far apart on the battle field while Earth's possessed forces bore down on the Kingdom. She saw a figure behind Serenity; Beryl had a dagger in her hands. Venus could feel Serenity's pain as it was plunged into her back. Endymion struck Beryl down where she stood and


Venus screamed, and burned with her planet's power in rage. She burned them all too. The battle was won. Her friends broken. Her princess gone.


Serenity looked so beautiful on the altar like she was just sleeping. She pressed her forehead against the crystal case of the coffin, her breath fogging it a little. The princess would be buried tomorrow, and in the Queen's grief, who knew what would happen to her. Venus didn't care if she was banished to the far reaches of the galaxy like the older soldiers because her light, her princess wouldn't be there tomorrow to shine that sly smile at her every time she sneaked off to Earth. A shining star would be returning to the Cauldron where it was born.

Venus crumpled to her knees, sobbing, wishing she could follow her too.


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